Commercial Building Design

With EDG’s flair for boutique design and bespoke solutions, no two projects are the same. Our commercial building designers have successfully collaborated on incredible builds throughout community housing, hospitality, education, childcare, retail and more. We specialise in delivering high-quality finish and brief-sensitive detail, creating environments that reflect your brand, providing custom-tailored solutions for your brief.

At EDG the combined skills of our team of building designers will allow your project to undergo a streamlined process from conception, development and if you choose to build with us, to completion. To find out more about the work we’ve done, see some of our award-winning projects.

Work With Premier Commercial Building Designers At EDG

The detail in our commercial building designs and reviews will save you costs with your builder and give you a professionally designed property that will only appreciate in value in the long run. Whether you’re building a community or commercial space, or real estate to sell, EDG has the necessary expertise built on experience with a wide range of clientele.

From local governments, state government, private sector companies and more, we create memorable, intimate designs that optimise your layout and environment with lasting character. We’re proud to have met great acclaim in our expanding list of modern commercial building designs across Australia.

commercial building design

A Wide Range Of Design Services For Your Commercial Build

From site, surrounds, zone regulation and client demand, our designs are custom-tailored for the needs of your build. Not only that, EDG also provides a diverse range of design services. From new builds, commercial and mixed use developments, heritage dwelling, multi-residential, interior design and everything in between, EDG can solve your brief with innovative, forward-thinking design.

Our Modern Commercial Building Design Process

When you choose to contract EDG for your commercial project, our building designers will appraise the needs of your property to ensure a finished work that prioritises functionality while remaining uncompromising in style. We’ll collaborate through each step, spending ample time through the concept and design development process so you’ll be confident for your construction.


Pre-Concept Consultation

Plan out your project with our expert building designers. We’ll conduct a feasibility assessment for your existing site or property and give you a real-term perspective on what it takes to complete your commercial build.


Building Design Concept

We’ll go over your existing or proposed floor plans, working through the constraints of your site, providing creative solutions in response to each brief. We’ll capitalise on the potential of your property and create an optimised site orientation for its layout.

Design Development

With client feedback and local regulations in mind, with your approved concepts we will produce construction drawings for your town permit approval. As the owner of the property you’ll be provided 3D references to choose preliminary materials and finishes for exterior use so you can visualise your property in full.

Planning Permit

EDG can liaise on your behalf with your local council and lodge your planning permit application. We’ll go over any queries or objections with the town planning department should they come up, and make sure your build satisfies their requirements.


Contractor Selection

EDG can direct you to builders we trust. We will draw a tender package to help them review your build and assess a more accurate quote for negotiations. This is an often overlooked part in your construction planning with other companies that can be very stressful, but EDG will assist you thoroughly in this tender process.

Contract Administration

EDG has the relevant qualification and experience to assist you through this complex process so you won’t risk costly errors in your build. We’ll advise you on your contract with our attention to detail to ensure your vision is being met throughout your build.

For creative, sympathetic design solutions and premier service, consult with experienced building designers at EDG to bring your next commercial project to life.

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