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When you want more than the most comprehensive list of drafting services Melbourne has to offer, you need the expertise of EDG’s building designers. While a draftsperson is an expert at drawing up blueprints and technical designs, we’ve long since perfected the art to amass a team of decorated registered building designers. In Melbourne a draftsman would have some training in TAFE basis in order to produce clear, accurate building plans. Our designers at EDG aren’t only experts in their respective design fields, but can custom-tailor bespoke solutions matching your brief and context throughout your design development and construction.

If you’re looking for draftsman Melbourne services, consider enlisting the help of building designers with technical experience who can offer a balance of both value and affordability.

What It Means When You Hire EDG Drafting Services Melbourne

Building designers are essentially the perfect middle ground between a draftsperson and an architect. We have formal training, licensing and experience. This gives clients a sense of credibility when they enlist our services with our level of accountability as building designers. After all, many of us would start our careers as a draftsperson before operating as a building designer after obtaining our licensing requirements.

Oppositely, even those who have obtained an architecture degree but haven’t been registered as an architect, are in fact considered building designers. This means you can find building designers with the same education and training as an architect who simply haven’t been certified yet. In any case, building designers undergo extensive continuing professional development after getting their license in order to maintain it. They’ll take on various projects to further diversify their practice in the industry.

A designer should also be your go-to choice when you want a finished property that’s ready for use as we can completely furnish it to meet your vision. Typically building designers also don’t carry the same hefty price tag as architects while still delivering equally award-winning results. We carry out the same tasks from delivery, documentation and design and we’re certified to build across commercial and residential properties. We’ve had experience completing housing projects, office buildings, public facilities and more.

Our designs are also more likely to be cost-effective in the chance you decide to go to an independent builder as we anticipate anything from minimum to complete involvement in your construction process. For one, building designers are more qualified to assist your conception and design development. We can offer applicable insight when it comes to design solutions, materials, use and help you find trustworthy custom home builders or general contractors. With the details clearly planned from the earlier stages of your project, you’ll not only be able to get a more accurate quote for your build but have a professionally designed property that will give you more value in the long term.

If you want to make a good investment in your build and are seeking a draftsperson Melbourne service, make sure to consider what a good building designer can do for you first. In most cases, a designer can accommodate a more thorough service from the beginning to the final stages of your build and offer you a more hands-on approach.

Why Should You Work With EDG’s Drafting Services Melbourne

From concept work to design development to contract administration, you can trust EDG’s building designers to collaborate with you through each stage. We’ll help go over town planning and building permit requirements to ensure your construction satisfies local regulations for a seamless build.

EDG does more than designs and drafting. We help you plan for your project with our pre-concept consultation. From a feasibility assessment of your site, utility, access and any relevant conditions of your existing land or property, we’ll help you gain a clear outlook on the time, constraints and resources we need to commit to finish your build.

We’ll go over your proposed or existing floor plans, creating a site orientation that maximises a passive, natural solar design to contribute quality to Melbourne’s contemporary architecture. We’ll plan the layout of your property for its working, relaxing and eating spaces, and provide a thorough solution in response for each brief. When we go over your designs, you’ll get the opportunity to visualise your property in full and feel confident in moving forward for your build.

Best of all, we look out for you. During your contractor selection, we can point you to builders we trust and prepare a tender package for them to review. With the quality and detail of our designs, they can better assess your build and give you a more accurate estimate when you negotiate your quote. An often overlooked part that determines your construction, we will help you avoid stress by assisting your builders through this tender process. Our expertise and experience in contract administration will also help you navigate this crucial process to avoid any costly errors.

drafting service melbourne

What To Consider When Choosing Your Designer

When you want to design a beautiful finished property, a capable designer is your ultimate investment. To pick the right one for your project, you need to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Do I like the style of their portfolio?
  • Do I connect with them on a personal level?
  • What are their proposed facts and figures?
  • How long will they need to complete my project?
  • Do their early ideas fit my plans?
  • What is the extent of work they are quoting on? Concepts only or a full service?
  • Do I trust this person to realise my vision for my finished home/property?

You need to connect with your designers on various aspects of your build, from taste preferences of their past work to realistic plans in facilitating your current project’s construction. The greatest building designers will be able to navigate the challenges of both, and meet your brief with creative, purpose driven solutions that maximise the potential of your build.

At its core, choosing your designer is a highly personal decision. You need to understand your project thoroughly and form set expectations when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of your build. Consulting with EDG will allow you to have a real-term perspective on completing your project whether it’s a remodel, a major renovation or a brand new total build.

When you want more than the finest Melbourne drafting services, choose the best of the best from our experienced team of talented building designers. With our specialty for innovative boutique designs, EDG can help you realise your dream project across residential and commercial builds.

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