Luxury Home Design

At EDG we deliver bespoke design solutions to create homes that reflect you. We’re experts in optimising available building spaces while creating flexible and efficient spatial layouts. Our luxury home design marries creative design work with a practical understanding of structural schemes while collaborating closely with local planning authorities. Our team has incredible flair in creating unique residential properties in addition to heritage dwellings while introducing a contemporary lifestyle to Australian homeowners.

Whether you’re planning to build a family home, a romantic or minimalist residential space, we offer a highly personalized approach to contemporary home design that gives you value, practicality and style.

luxury home design

Intimate Luxury Home Designs

A house is not a home without character. At EDG we custom-tailor each design as a reflection of our client’s identity. From the conception of your property to building schematics and construction, we develop an intimacy through our design process that allows us a deep understanding towards each element we incorporate into your environment. With artistic sensibility and unique landscaping to support the structure of your home, our team provides all necessary services to create a space that’s fully integrated with your vision. From adding natural softness to solar designs and isolating areas for lighting and ventilation, to custom furnishings and unique pieces for a sense of history, our designers will make your home feel complete.

If you’re looking for custom home design Melbourne services, look no further than EDG’s award-winning contemporary home designers.

Bespoke Solutions For Modern Luxury Homes

Design doesn’t end with the walls. Each choice is a deliberate design decision with EDG. From art to furniture to finishes, it’s often intimidating for clients to plan their home from the ground up. With the combined skills of our building and interior designers, all home designs are developed through a flexible approach that assesses your needs. We incorporate every single client input to develop a creative solution for all modern home requirements.

EDG offers a comprehensive list of design services to help you create your perfect home. We’ll work in collaboration to create chic and comfortable living environments, from integrating gardens to curating unique materials and fixtures to complement your spaces. We’re the house designers Melbourne homeowners look for in creating value, timelessness and practicality when it comes to Australian luxury homes.

Our Home Design Process At EDG

Whether you’re looking to renovate or build from scratch, let our expert team of in-house designers guide you through a streamlined process. We’ll collaborate one step at a time, keeping the vision for your home in mind throughout every stage. We’ll make any change, big or small, to give you an ergonomically designed home that meets your current and future living needs.


Pre-Concept Consult

Consult with our experienced designers for your building plans of your existing land or property. Our knowledge can ensure you’re making the most optimised decisions for your vision. From time, resources, access, utility, permit requirements and any other relevant information about your property, EDG will give you a real-term perspective on what it takes to conduct a major renovation, total rebuild or entirely new build.


Building Design Concept

We’ll start by conducting a design concept for your build. From proposed or existing floor plans to building constraints and the unique potential of your property, we’ll consider your site orientation for sleeping, eating, relaxing and more. We’ll create a working layout with natural solar design that allows us to isolate areas to implement lighting and ventilation to air out your space. EDG specialises in innovative solutions to meet each brief and context.

Design Development

With building limitations solved and your concepts signed off, it’s time to work out your brief in detail. We’ll go over elevations for a better perspective on how your home will look and produce construction drawings with legal regulations considered for town planning approval. Our designers will assist you in selecting materials for preliminary exteriors and finishes. We’ll provide 3D references so you can visualise your property in full. Feel free to revise your decisions so you’ll feel completely at ease moving forward.

Planning Permit

EDG will help you liaise with the town department, preparing a drawing package for your planning permit approval. We will check your property for any further obligations and manage any objections or queries from the town planner. A critical stage to move forward with your construction, EDG will lodge your planning permit application to the local planning department.


Contractor Selection

It can be hard to choose a builder if you’ve never done it before. An often overlooked part of the process that can be immensely stressful, EDG can point you to a trusted builder and curate a tender package to help them review your property. These documents can help you get a more accurate quote when you decide on contracting them.

Contract Administration

EDG can coordinate site inspections with builders we trust and advise you on your contract. Our team has extensive relevant experience in contract administration. We are fully qualified to help you through this process so you won’t risk costly errors in your build. After you’ve considered your quotes and signed off, we can help monitor your construction process to ensure your contract and vision are being met.

For innovative luxury home design services and solutions, get in touch with our team today to plan your next build.

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