Residential Renovation

Whether you’re refurbishing a bathroom, fitting a new suite, repairing decayed pipework and new wall tiles or demolishing an old ground floor extension for a new build, creating an outdoor patio, a pool house and more, it takes an impressive home renovation designer to understand what you need and how to accomplish it. At EDG our team of specialists boasts a wealth of inter-disciplinary skills, from highly skilled draftsman, building, interior and graphic designers, and more. If you’re looking to give new life to your home, be it through a major demolition and reconstruction, remodelling old rooms into new working or living areas, upgrading your existing spaces and just about anything in between, we’re the perfect experts to partner with.

We’ll understand the present and future needs of your home and living spaces intimately, creating long-lasting brief-sensitive bespoke solutions to maximise the value of your property. The detail and foresight in our boutique designs will help you save on costs when you contract a builder for your renovation project. We’ll conduct a feasibility assessment and thorough design development so you won’t want for better utility or aesthetic in the final result of your newly renovated space.

residential renovation

Enlist Acclaimed Designers For Your Residential Renovation

EDG is an award-winning designer for residential properties across Australia. With major projects across Sydney CBD, Melbourne, Geelong, Dandenong, Ocean Grove, Bendigo, Whittlesea, Romsey, New Gisborne, Swan Hill, Kerang and Echuca, we’re privileged to be recognised in a variety of housing projects that has re-defined taste for Australian homeowners.

To see what our home renovation designer can do for your project, take a look at our residential portfolio.

Renovating With EDG’s Home Renovation Designers

When renovating an existing home, our team will conduct a feasibility assessment to implement the best design strategy for your structure without compromising access, utility or its surrounding environments while delivering a finished renovation that rehabilitates your space to match brief and context.


Pre-Concept Consultation

Consult our designers for your project and any relevant regulations regarding extensions, rebuilding and your property. We’ll give you an in-depth perspective about the time and scope of resources we’ll need to complete your project whether it’s a remodel, heritage restoration, major renovation or complete structural replacement.


Building Design Concept

We’ll work through the initial or proposed floor plans and decide on a layout for the space you’re renovating, proposing a solution for each brief. If this is the kitchen, bath, deck or anywhere within your home, we’ll work through integrating its direct adjoining spaces and any existing limitations while maximising the potential of what you have.

Design Development

We’ll produce detailed construction drawings for planning approval if needed but more importantly, to build an ergonomically designed space that will accommodate your current and future living needs. You’ll be choosing materials for exteriors and finishes of the room/structure you’re commissioning. Don’t worry, we’ll provide 3D references to help you visualise your project.

Planning Permit

If your renovation requires it, we will liaise with the town planning department to obtain your permit and manage any queries/objections. This means getting your working drawings to meet local zone requirements. We’ll help you through this crucial part of the construction process and lodge your application to the council to get your planning permit approved.


Contractor Selection

You can either build with contractors EDG trust or independently source builders for your project. Our designer will organise a tender package so they can review your renovation and propose a quote for your contract. This part of the process is often overlooked when planning and can be a very stressful time.


Contract Administration

After you’ve sourced your quotes and considered any inclusions/exclusions, it’s time to sign off and begin your renovation. Our team is fully qualified to help you with your contract administration. Take advantage of our relevant experience in this process. Don’t risk costly errors in the next stage of your build. When you build with EDG we can monitor your contractors so they’ll meet the standards of your brief and contract.

With our experience in contemporary housing, we’ll make sure your residential renovation withstands the test of time. If you want a team that understands custom-tailored innovative solutions that will make your investment worthwhile, choose EDG’s home renovation designers.

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