What is a building designer

what is a building designers

A long time ago you’d call a building designer a draftsman or draftsperson. But due to the unlicensed nature of most of them despite their technical skills, and the growing culture for accreditations involved in the business of designing buildings, the term building designer was coined to reflect their evolved skills and licensing requirements. Building designers who are employed will further their professional development, typically collecting various registrations to ensure their quality of work remains time-sensitive to changing contract laws and building regulations.

How Does A Building Designer Compare With An Architect

Whenever architects and building designers are involved in the design process, you can expect a certain level of creative freedom from them. This may or may not be limited by the brief given to them by their client, depending on various factors such as the architect/designer’s personality and their experience/skillset.

Architects or building designers can both have a hand in the whole construction, but building designers will typically spend much longer in the design concept and development to clear all solutions for your brief in the chance they aren’t involved with construction. With this in mind, their drawings will be more exacting in detail, but the scope of projects suited for their employment may be relatively smaller scale and not overly complex in comparison to enlisting an architect who will automatically helm your entire build.

With that being said building designers are more than a match for the design of functional, energy efficient and incredibly creative homes. They’re also commissioned for retail projects and various properties in commercial sectors for their unique, forward-thinking design that marries different aspects of the field. For example, EDG has completed a myriad of residential and commercial properties across Australia with an eye for boutique design and custom-tailored solutions.

Why You Should Choose A Building Designer For Your Project

You might think that hiring an architect will automatically guarantee a better-designed home. In reality, however, either architects or experienced building designers can produce a well-thought design and provide excellent results. Within tradespeople like these two professions, it often comes down to the individual that gets hired in whether they are a good match for the scope of your project.

There are also very common misconceptions surrounding cost and quality. Many people wrongly assume building designers are inferior in quality or that architects are always more expensive by default, when these circumstances are likely directly caused by the demands of the client’s project itself. While projects with a smaller budget and build-scale may be better suited to a building designer, pricing structures and quotes will still vary among builders. It helps that the best building designers will help you realise solutions that will match your brief and keep costs under control while maximising the value of your property in the long term. Most building designers, no matter how highly acclaimed, will charge reasonably for their services as they know they are largely geared towards homeowners and private sectors, taking on a high volume of projects to continuously refine their practice.

Something Australians will surely appreciate however is how building designers advocate sustainable designs. A good example of this is the concept of rehabilitation in architecture. For instance the extension or renovation of existing structures/buildings instead of a knockdown and rebuild is one way to optimise design. The benefits of sustainable buildings and design is that they conserve natural resources, require significantly less energy output, increase their owners’ comfort levels, as well as the feel-good factor associated with going green. When conducting a new build, this is applied to the entire structure of your home, from sympathetic environments to a passive solar design that allows for ventilation and natural lighting.

what is a building designers

What To Consider When Selecting A Building Designer

Great modern design is always an essential investment. To carefully decide on whether you’ve found the right building designer for your project, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I like the style of their portfolio?
  • Do I connect with them on a personal level?
  • What are their proposed facts and figures?
  • How long will they need to complete my project?
  • Do their early ideas fit my plans?
  • What is the extent of work they are quoting on? Concepts only or a full service?
  • Do I trust this person to realise my vision for my finished home/property?

The best building designers will overcome the challenges of your brief and propose solutions that ensure your design maximises every opportunity, from the layout of your property to the potential of its surrounding environments. As this is a highly personal decision, reflect on your project thoroughly to understand the needs of your build. Once you’re set on your expectations, you can consult with experts at EDG and gain a real-term perspective on what it takes to complete your project be it a remodel, a major renovation, or completely new build.

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