Modern Home Design

When it comes to modern home designs, EDG prioritises an innovative response to match brief and context. If you’re looking for creative and sensible solutions when building your home from scratch or simply doing a remodel to go with the times, our design process is specifically targeted to ensure a smooth, practical experience for our clients. With a passion for intimate contemporary housing, our building designers provide clients an outlet to realise their vision for their property in full.

modern home designs

A Modern Home Design Team For Every Step Of The Way

At EDG we’re incredibly involved and hands-on with our clients. Building a close-knit relationship from the start, we first develop an initial sketch of concept floor plans and present our interpretation of your vision. These sketches explore a range of ways that the building design and brief can further evolve to achieve the desired outcome. It will give you ample time and opportunity to consider key decisions and guide the development of your home moving forward. From detailed drawings of each room that gives you a good idea of what your eating, sleeping, and relaxing spaces will look like to converging environments and a solar design that allows for natural lighting, to modern finishes that creates a distinct aesthetic—EDG designs homes with unique, lasting character.

Acclaimed Home Designers With Projects Across Australia

EDG is a boutique design practice that researches and creates sophisticated living spaces for residential units with an eye for longevity and style. Whether it’s building rustic environments for a country townhouse or curating diverse preliminary materials, partitions and furnishings to outfit your home, our team of specialists will work on your project with your vision always in mind.

We’re renowned for our work in residential properties throughout Australia. From Mornington Peninsula to Dandenong, Ringwood, Sydney CBD, Melbourne and Geelong, we’ve exceeded our clients’ expectations for major builds across the country.

From new builds, multi-residential, interior design and more, EDG can help you gain better value for your property in the long run with our attention-to-detail and save costs when you commission our designs with a contractor down the line.

Designing Your Home With EDG

When you hire EDG designers, we’ll work with you from the ground-up whether you’re doing a total build or renovating an existing home. Our team will help from start to finish by providing design services that are custom tailored to meet your project requirements and ensuring our day-to-day involvement in construction. Here is what our process looks like:


Pre-Concept Consultation

Consult with our experts for a feasibility assessment of your project. Whether you’ve got an existing land or property, we’ll help homeowners and developers go over the resources you need to give you a real-term perspective about what it takes to design a finished home.


Building Design Concept

We’ll work through the initial or proposed floor plans and decide on a layout for your home. This involves working through the limitations of your site and capitalising on the potential of your property, providing a creative solution to each brief.

Design Development

We’ll make any change, big or small, to give you a professionally designed home that meets your current and future living needs. Once the concept is agreed upon, our dedicated team will produce detailed construction drawings. From elevations, access, utility and more, we will go into the details of your brief and create drawings for town planning approval. We’ll provide 3D references so you can select preliminary material for exterior use and finishes, and visualise your property in full.

Planning Permit

From setting up a preliminary appointment to liaising for any queries or objections raised by the council, we’ll get your construction drawings to meet the legislative requirements. A critical step of your build, EDG will lodge your application to the local planning department and get your planning permit approved.


Contractor Selection

EDG can help you connect with builders we trust. We can also advise you on the details of your contract and provide a tender package so they can review your property and propose a more accurate quote for you to negotiate. An often overlooked process, EDG will help you avoid the stress and trouble of choosing the wrong builders.

Contract Administration

EDG is qualified with proven experience to assist in contract administration. Enlist our help through this detailed, crucial stage of your build and prevent costly errors. We can arrange for site inspections with builders we personally trust. After you’ve considered your inclusions/exclusions and signed off on your agreed quote, we can ensure that your contractors are living up to the quality of work stipulated in your contract.

For innovative home design solutions, get in touch with our team at EDG today.

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